hand cleaner and skin care


The range of hand cleaners manufactured by Technikraft on your behalf can include the following. However, with our technical excellence we are able to work on customer specific requirements or to solve technically difficult problems.

We stock a range of dispensing equipment for most products. From individual foaming units to wall mounted 4.5 litre industrial hand cleaner dispensers. We are one of the few companies filling hand cleaners and sanitisers into plastic pouches for bespoke dispensing units. We can offer a complete solution for your hand cleaning needs.

- Barrier Creams
- After Work Lotion
- Bactericidal Liquid Soaps - Various Colours
- Citrus Beaded Hand Gels - Red, Yellow & Orange
- Alcohol-Based Sanitising Gels & Liquids
- Heavy Duty Beaded Hand Gels
- Pumice-Based Paste Hand Cleaners
- Liquid Soaps
- Shampoos/Shower Gels
- Pearlised Hand Soaps - Ivory, Pink, Blue
- Hand Wipes - 150, 200 and 400 sheets
- Foam Hand Sanitisers

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