fuel treatments


Fuel treatments and additives keep modern engines in good condition to give the best performance.

Using our fuel treatments, drivers report improved engine performance, swifter response and better fuel economy. Regular use helps combustion, giving a cleaner running engine which is better for the environment.

Fuel treatment benefits:

- Improvement in fuel economy - compared with an untreated dirty system
- Improves engine response and power delivery
- Cleans injectors and fuel system - ensuring optimum performance
- More complete combustion - reducing soot and NOx emissions
- Cost effective
- Easy to use

We have a range of products for both petrol and diesel engines available in 250ml bottles with enough fuel additive to treat ten 50 litre tanks. Extra strength versions of these additives are available in the "one shot" bottles which are ideal for use as pre-MOT engine clean up treatments. The powerful cleaners in these fuel additives will clean your complete fuel system, absorbing any small amounts of water created by condensation. For older cars, this clean up may take up to 200 miles/350 km.

These products are just a small part of the wider range of fuel treatments and additives we make.

Also available:

- DPF Cleaners
- Total Fuel Treatment WB for absorbing water
- Biocides to treat 'diesel bug'
- Engine Oil Flush
- Engine Oil Booster
- Radiator Flush
- Radiator Sealant
- Diesel Antiwax
- Screenwash

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